Best City to Live in Italy for Foreigners

Wondering which is the best city to live in Italy for foreigners? Read on to find out.

Most people have thought of relocating to Italy to start a new life. To some, the destination is more of a romantic ideal but foreigners can consider making it their home. For instance, La Dolce Vita seems to be quite a fascinating prospect especially with the increased interest in overseas property.

Italy is one of the best countries in the world for expats since it’s varied and offers something for everybody from the beautiful coastline and rolling countryside to cosmopolitan cities. The food, climate and life quality make the country stand out. Besides, Bel Paese is more than a vacay destination considering the high-end learning institutions on offer including English language and international schools. Consequently, making Italy is also a great destination for parents.

Best City to Live in Italy for Foreigners

Here are some of the best cities to live in Italy for foreigners who want to relocate:

  1. Milan

Milan would be your best bet if you are looking for a more dynamic and lively experience. Rome is the political capital of Italy but Milan is considered as the industrial and financial powerhouse which makes it a cosmopolitan city an excellent place for job seekers. There are many public and international schools in Italy great for integrating the little ones to high-quality life and Italian culture confirmed by the survey recently done on life quality.

However, living at Milan’s centre is quite expensive compared to the outskirts and suburbs which are more affordable and well connected by public means of transportation.

  1. Bolzano

Bolzano is a bilingual city where you can speak both German and Italian freely. It’s found in a fascinating valley with mountains surrounding the place. Bolzano is on the northern side of Italy home to a lot of job opportunities, growing businesses and booming start-ups. This city is great for young families and expat community and is better placed when it comes quality of life. It’s one of the safest cities in Italy with lower property prices compared to Milan.

  1. Trento

Trento is the best city to live in Italy for foreigners since it’s surrounded by nature, environment friendly and safe ideal for those who love quiet places. It’s equally a great holiday destination for mountain lovers and locals usually get some discounts in ski resorts especially during winter.

Trento is a bit smaller compared to other metropolises in the country while Northern Italy is known to have an active business sector, scientific, political, educational and financial hubs. It additionally has a range of job opportunities, different family leisure activities and higher living standards.

  1. Bologna

Bologna is the best city to live in Italy for foreigners since it’s quite safe, walkable, friendly and welcoming. It’s situated in the Northern part of the country with a lot of job opportunities, lively cultural and social scene making the city one of the most popular touristic destinations. Bologna offers incredibly high standards of education as its one of the most significant educational centers in Europe.

Bologna is ideal for families and a great pick for those looking for international schools. The transport system is excellent and the rent prices are relatively cheap. It’s the best city to live in Italy for foreigners with young families.

  1. Palermo

Palermo is among the biggest cities in Italy. The city is unique, lively with an amazing energy and the southern lifestyle is unmatched due to the warm climate and hot summers. Palermo is a significant economic and cultural hub in Sicily attracting expats from all over the world and also gives them a lot of opportunities.

Palermo is the best city to live in Italy for foreigners as they will enjoy Mediterranean lifestyle, cultural and unbeatable culinary heritage with lively streets and exquisite architecture. Sicilians speak limited English meaning Palermo is an excellent destination for expats especially on the coastal sides.

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