What to Wear in Venice In September

What to Wear in Venice In September?

Question: What to wear in Venice in September? Read on to find out the answer.

Are you packing for Venice? I have an inside scoop on what you can comfortably wear all year round. I did prepare myself for some of the weirdest seasons. Humid, fog, mist weather is there. But luckily, the sun still shines coming out at intervals to brighten the autumn colors as ever, especially in the mountains and hills.

You should have a stress-free experience, and the main objective of this article is to help plan any of your packing choices efficiently. Planning will additionally help you prepare for the trip and know exactly what to wear in Venice.

You will get insight into the general styles in Venice, and the different types of clothing based on the changing weather. Moreover, you will be conversant with general travel tips, which include safety precautions like how to use anti-theft products. Learning will help you feel less stressed when traveling.

What to Wear in Venice in September?

woman traveling in venice

Fashion is the same in all parts of the world. However, several Venice attire preferences reflect different personalities’ tastes. The only difference in Venice fashion and other styles reflected in other countries is that their clothing typically caters to a tailored and more fitted look. A tailored appearance is the only secret to Venice’s everyday fashion that most visitors did observe.

Most travelers tend to avoid traditional tourist attire so that they can easily blend with the locals. It’s not quite uncommon to wonder what people in Venice wear. It’s important to keep in mind the best clothing should make you feel super comfortable.

Clothing styles in Italy vary from north to south. The North and Milan have very fashionable and over-the-top styles. When it comes to Venice, the weather is likely to dictate the clothing over some trends. The South and Rome have more traditions and local trends. Overly revealing clothing isn’t quite big this side, so ensure you are decently covered.

Just like most destinations, some practical sense also applies. Beachwear should be left for the beach only as they don’t translate too well on the streets of the city. The same applies to workout clothes, unless you are headed for the gym, don’t dress in any gym attire.

The weather and activities you plan on taking are the critical determinants of what you should and shouldn’t wear in Venice. You should always ensure you check on the weather forecast before the trip. Nothing ruins a trip faster than the wrong attire for the weather.

Once you do your research on the weather, you can now focus on creating a capsule wardrobe for your travel. It should comfortably fit in a small carryon suitcase, with some packing cubes to compress the outfits.

In autumn and September, you should pack clothes similar to the ones you would wear in winter. The two seasons almost resemble, but the only variation might be a trench coat and an umbrella. Layers are quite essential, especially as the weather starts to cool.

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The primary colors of the season are black, purple, gray, and brown. You can, however, choose warm colors to relief you from mild weather. If you are still in doubt, plan a monochrome travel wardrobe that consists of black mostly, an exquisite handbag, and a printed silk scarf.

Always choose about 10 to 15 pieces of clothing, which tends to mix and match. It should also include two different outer layers which you can wear together for protection from elements. The outfits should additionally be versatile and work perfectly well for various activities.

What Shoes to Wear in Venice

Most of us find trouble when choosing what to take with us when planning to travel. Let’s first talk about the shoes, which is quite tricky. Once visitors get to Europe, they discover the cobblestone streets, which is quite an unexpected issue. Plan your shoes with the clothes you intend to wear and your activities. The shoes should be in neutral colors so that you can comfortably match them will all your outfits.

Ensure your sight-seeing shoes are properly broken in. Always go for a comfortable pair that you can wear throughout the day without any discomfort. Some of the popular styles in Venice include waterproof shoes, sneakers, and light brogues. Ideal waterproof shoes, in this case, should be made of leather as opposed to rubber. Ankle boots work perfectly for traveling to Europe during the fall.

woman wearing leather shoes

If it’s going to be cold by the time of your travel, you can go for waterproof leather boots. Save for being waterproof; they are also beautiful.

While these stone’s appearance is excellent, they aren’t as easy to walk on and can make your feet sore even if you rarely have discomfort. Depending on which city you are visiting, the streets can be equally slippery when wet, hilly, and uneven.

Here are some of the famous shoe’s alternatives:

Touristy cities such as Rome and Venice are mainly made for walking; you should, therefore, ensure you carry a pair of comfortable shoes. For colder months, consider waterproof boots and simple yet super comfortable canvas shoes for warm months.

Additionally, ensure you pack dressy shoes since locals love to dine out in elegance and style. When deciding on what to wear in Venice, always avoid heels as they will leave you feeling uncomfortable. Instead, go for wedges and ballet flats. If your luggage doesn’t have enough space, choose some trekking fashion shoes.

In Venice, they say you should try to dress like an onion, and this means wearing several clothing layers. Doing this helps you adapt to the external weather conditions. Besides, don’t forget to wear your nightgown with a built-in shelf bra at night. You might feel extremely cold during the morning hours and enjoy the sun as the day progresses. You can, therefore, put on a cotton shirt with a cashmere pullover and a woolen jacket plus a coat. Another alternative is to go for a wind jacket if you are a sports enthusiast.

Big Bags are Ideal

You need a bag that can comfortably accommodate all your stuff during the day. It, therefore, means that you should avoid rigid businesswoman bags. Instead, go for a leather bag big enough to carry you through the day.

Ideal Shoes to Wear in Venice

Basing on some recommendations from the readers, I would suggest wedges for summer and tall boots for winter. You can use other styles interchangeably through the different seasons of the year. Other top recommendations include boat shoes, ankle boots, and driving mocs, depending on the weather. They are all superior alternatives and make an excellent option to ballet flats, especially if you require room for softer insoles.

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