Venice: Things to Do

Venice: Things to Do

bridge in venice

My number one tip for Venice things to do? Walk.  Take a break from maps, guidebooks and lineups, and simply wander the streets.

Leave your list of “must see” buildings behind in the hotel. If you happen to stumble across one of the big attractions in your wanders and the lineup is not bad, pop in and have a look.  Otherwise, just keep walking!  There are plenty of things to do in Venice that don’t involve spending money or waiting in lineups. Simply seeing the canals, bridges, old buildings, shops and sidewalk cafes is enough to keep you delighted for days, if not weeks.

Venice is smaller than you might think. You could walk the winding paths from the train station to San Marco (which is pretty much the length of the city) in about an hour.  Or ride the Number 82 vaporetto full circuit to enjoy and appreciate the myriad wonders of the city on the lagoon.

See the “must see” points of interest if you wish, but if you miss them, don’t worry! There are lots of surprises around every corner, over every bridge and in every shop window. The Venetians are friendly, the bakeries are incredible and it is impossible to take a bad photo there.

There is so much to see and absorb simply walking the streets of Venice that if you never even go inside a building your time will still be well spent. I would even venture to say that your time might be better spent walking the neighbourhoods – but I would say that because it’s one of my favorite Venice things to do!

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