Venice: Vaporetto Tour on Grand Canal

Vaporetto ride at night

One of my favorite Venice things to do is a vaporetto (water bus) tour on the Grand Canal.
On Day 2, before we went out to dinner, we spent a couple of hours doing just that. A Grand Canal vaporetto tour is a great budget alternative to the traditional gondola ride. (Riding the vaporetto costs only a couple of  euros, while a gondola ride costs over 100 euros. )

All we had to do was hop on the #1 vaporetto and ride it all the way down to the end of the line, which happened to be a couple of stops past St. Mark’s Square. Then we got off and hopped on one coming back.

It was beyond belief to ride down the Grand Canal with it all lit up at night. It was a beautiful, warm evening and we were lucky enough to get seats outdoors at the front, the very first seats. We were sitting there, our arms on the railing,  motoring along the Grand Canal, looking at all the amazing buildings all lit up, watching the other boats going by. It was absolutely incredible; an evening I will never forget.

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